"Kiss & Run" (2005)
„Kiss and run“ tells the story from a Handfull young poeple
living in a satillie town from Frankfurt. About friendship, love and sex...
I t is the old story, when two best friends find out to late that they love each other.

Director: Annette Ernst
Featuring: Maggie Peren, Ken Duken, Anja Herden, Hinnerek Schönemann


"The Truce" (1996)
January 27, 1945, Auschwitz. The Red Army freed the last survivors of the extermination camps, which had been deserted by the National Socialists. Primo, a young Italian chemist, is among the liberated. For him and for some of his comrades, a long way back to life begins, a months-long odyssey through the war-drawn Europe. Primo is an ironic, humorous, but also distant observer of the experiences of the groups which, with a new courage to live, embark on a journey that confronts everyone with the vastness of the maltreatment they were subjected to and the pain coming from their opening souls...
Director: Francesco Rosi
Producers: Leo Pescarolo and John Turturro

Amongst others: Cannes 1997 official competition
David de Donatello 1997 for Best Director, Best Production, and Best Cut

"Life is a Bluff" (1995)
After an unsuccessful attempt to smuggle a package to his incarcerated father Willi, Harry ends up in the jail together with his girlfriend Marlies. While Harry is accomodated together with his father, Marlies’ cell is only one floor above the one of an aging prostitute Jutta. Since the Christmas festival takes place just around the corner, the four of them are planning their escape from prison to have a wild party with a canister full of self-branded liquor.
Director and Writer: Peter Zingler
Featuring: Ben Becker, Muriel Baumeister, Mario Adorf, Elke Sommer