"Tap Dancing in a Drowning Pool" (2016) Development
Teresa Bruch wanted to return to Berlin in order to die in a place where she grew up before the World War II, met her husband and lived her eccentric lifestyle before the discovery of her Jewish identity and subsequent escape to America with her infant daughter Lily. The Berlin Wall falls and Teresa, with tears of joy in her eyes, dies soon after. To everyone’s surprise her dream can finally come true. In keeping with Teresa’s wishes, Lily brings her mother’s body for burial back to Berlin. There, together with her daughter Zoe, she discovers secrets of her late mother- not only was she Jewish but she also owned a luxurious villa in Berlin. On top of that, there is another person claiming the ownership to the house, whose connection to Lily’s family will leave everyone perplexed…

Writer: Tania Wisbar and Sherry Hormann
Director: Sherry Hormann
Coproducer: Argyle Road Pictures LLC

“Abracadreams” (2016) Development
Julie, a cheerful nine-year-old girl, is deeply attached to her father and eagerly accompanies him during his vet visits to a dolphinarium nearby their house. When confronted with an unimaginably difficult situation- the accident of her beloved parent and his subsequent coma, she finds it impossible to escape the nightmares haunting her every night. That’s why Julie is assigned an Abracadream, one of the 5-inch tall fairies that belong to the same family as cupids and guardian angels and help children by taking away their nightmares and replacing them with sweet dreams. If an Abracadream manages to help 1000 children, they are born into real children themselves…

Writer: Nancy Stevelinck and Piet Beate

"Mao de Senhor" (Hand of God) (2015) Development

A small kiosk owner Chico living in a secluded Brazilian village wins the biggest jackpot ever. But instead of keeping all the money for himself, he proclaims that he is a man of god and therefore has to share it with the less fortunate. However, Chico's decision results in anger and greed from his wife, family, his church, corrupt politicians and all the people who want benefit from his lucky fortune.

Writer/Director: Rene Elle